Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thank You for Being a Disney Passholder with Mickey and Minnie

Thank you for being part of our passholder family
Don "Ducky" Williams

This is a picture the size of a postcard that was sent to us in 2010, I put a Disney stamp on the back and made a postcard out of it and mailed it to myself.

- - - - - - -

Don Williams or Ducky as he is known throughout the Disney community is an animator and illustrator for the Walt Disney World Company. Williams has worked at Disney for over thirty years, at a number of different positions.

Williams started at the art department in Walt Disney World, that originally staffed 16 people, but eventually dwindled down to just him. With his co-workers going off to work in more computer based mediums. Williams stayed behind, "I am not an animator I am an Illustrator." He can use computers he just prefers paint. He is currently the senior character illustrator for the Walt Disney marketing and attractions. Where he does the illustrations for mailers, brochures, guide books, and specialty items. He also illustrates almost anything that has to do to do with advertising of the Disney company in the Orlando area. He has also contributed to Disney World itself, providing the paintings, signage and china for The Lady and the Tramp themed restaurant, Tony's Town Square Cafe. He also helped put together the original Mickey Mouse house that was located in Mickey's Birthday Land. Today he gives presentations across America and on Disney Cruise line ships.

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