Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fantasia, Chinese Mushroom Dancers as Porcelain Figures

Walt Disney Classics Collection

Chinese Mushroom Dancers

In Fantasia, the Chinese Mushrooms perform a beautiful dance set to Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite." Hop Low, the smallest of the mushrooms, just can't stay in step.  But his determined efforts to keep up made him an audience favorite and earned him the description "the Dopey of Fantasia." These charming animation sculptures feature genuine Austrian crystals to re-create the glistening dewdrops seen in the film.  You're invaded to "hop to" and come see this newest Fantasia grouping soon.

Beautifully detailed animation art sculptures from Walt Disney's 1940 film classic, Fantasia.  Large Mushroom 'Mushroom Dancer' 4 3/4" - Medium Mushroom 'Mushroom Dancer' 4 1/4" - Small Mushroom 'Hop Low' 2 3/4"

This is an unused advertising postcard from 1994. 

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